Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 02 Heinz branding Analysis

Because the name of one of our ideas is Sauce, I though it may be interesting to play on the double meaning of the word in the designs of the branding. The most recognisable brand of sauces is heinz. I was thinking we could do it very subtly by using just double lines or suggestions through colour.

I also looked at the website to see if it could lend any further inspiration and this banner that I have expanded below really interested me because it shows all the labels close up.

Not only could the double lines be using in branding but the banner in the salad cream logo could be transposed very effectively. By making a visual reference to this brand we are creating a sense that although the writing style of the reports might be serious, we as a group , and the content are not as serious. once again using juxtaposition to create humour. 

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